Cat Shipping-How To Ship A Cat

Cat shipping

How to ship A cat from state to state?

   If you are moving or relocating and looking for a way on how to ship a cat across country, and do not think your Cat will be comfortable traveling with you by car or by air, you should consider using a ground shipping service for your Cat shipping needs. Our Shippers are a group of professional Cat transport shippers for ground transporting Cats from one state to another.



Cat Shipping

     Using our Cat transportation service is an ideal option for your cats relocation to a different state. The drivers for your cat’s relocation are prompt, friendly, and efficient for your cat shipping needs. In case of an emergency that causes delay in pick up or delivery of your cat we will keep you informed.
  We are a professionally managed company that is kind and respectful towards your cat and will go to extreme measures to take extra care of your beloved pet, giving you ample reason to consider us for your cat transportation needs.

How to Ship A Cat

Our professionally managed pet relocation service is the best option for your cat relocation needs for various reasons –
.Cats travel in an environment that is climate controlled for maximum comfort and safety.
.We have well equipped vans that are used for transporting cats in any climate. We only do ground transporting and do not fly with the airlines.
.Using our cat transport company is absolutely safe and cats are relocated without any problems.
. Our Professional cat shipping services also provide the crate along with crate fans, for your cats to make their relocation more comfortable.

.If you have two or more cats, you can send them together as we welcome multiple pets from a family.
 Our transportation company ensures that they do not mix many pet types in a single transport. For example, your cat will be shipped only with dogs and cats and not with other animals such as monkeys, snakes and hamsters.

.Our cat shippers sleep on the vans with your cat so that they have constant human companionship.
.Your cat will be constantly supervised and monitored by our drivers  and your cats will reach the destination fresh and well cared for.


 Cat Transport Services

    Professional cat transport services are bound by strict federal, state, and local regulations. Because cat transport services are responsible for shipping live cats, the requirements for licensing and certification are very stringent. Before trusting someone to transport a cat for you, make sure they have the correct authority, experience, and knowledge to safely transport your cat. What authority and licenses are required for transporting a Cat?

Professional cat transport Services must be licensed by the USDA as a dealer, carrier, or intermediate handler if they are transporting “regulated” animals. If an animal is unregulated, such as a bird, fish, or reptile, an animal transporter does not need to be licensed by the USDA.  Regulations vary animal-to-animal, so make sure you hire a transporter with the proper authority to ship your cat.


 Our cat shipping service offers the most cost efficient competitive rates based on services offered and shipping delivery time. You can obtain quotes for both route transports and private personal transports.