Hire a Dog Shipping Company-Dog Shipping Company


Researching Dog Shipping Companies

  Before choosing a Dog shipping company, we suggests researching the Dog Shipping Company before you entrust your dog or cat to its care for domestic or international transportation. When you choose a good Dog transportation company for your animal shipping needs, you are entrusting your dog or cat to the best in the business.

Here are a few recommendations:

  ?Be sure you can speak to a company representative. If there is no company phone number visibly posted on the website, you may not be able to speak to a real person if there is an emergency. An e-mail address alone will not suffice.

  ?Confirm any services the pet shipping company claims to provide. If the company misrepresents offered services on the website, it may also misrepresent the handling of your beloved pet during transport.

    ?Read the client referrals on the website. Make sure the referrals ring true and that the company actually provides the services addressed in the referral. No client referrals on the website should prompt you to proceed with caution.

  ?The pet shipping company should be current on regulations for pet transportation through a shipping medium and should present you with all necessary information.

  ?The pet shipping company?s focus should be the health and comfort of your pet during a journey.


  Always ask the pet shipping company as many questions as you can think of and do not be afraid to call back to ask more. It is important that you feel secure in your decision. If you have any doubts or red flags, move on to other companies.





Pet Shipping Company Regulations

  Even though you are proactive in researching pet transportation regulations, a reputable pet shipping company will guide you through the execution of any required documentation. These regulations are in place for the protection of the people around your animal and for the safety, comfort, and protection of your pet as well. You should reject any pet shipping company that does not offer this assistance.

    The regulations include:

  ?USDA and IATA travel-approved shipping kennels. The pet shipping company should advise you on the type and size of kennel for your pet, along with where to purchase the kennel and other specific requirements pertaining to the kennel. The majority of pet shipping companies will sell the kennels.

  ?A health certificate from a licensed veterinarian dated within ten (10) days of travel.

?Proof of current rabies vaccination

?Original vaccination records

?Air bills and import permits for foreign countries.


   Whether you are planning a move or just a trip that includes your pet, it is imperative that you hire an experienced and highly regarded pet shipping company.  Your pet only deserves the best when it comes to safety and pet travel.




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